Stowe Rotary Club Past Presidents

Clifton Stafford 1949-1951
John Black 1951-1952
Romaine Smith 1952-1953
Stan Marc Wright 1953-1954
John W. Flint 1954-1955
Harry F. Walker 1955-1956
David R. Bryan 1956-1957
Laurence P. Heath, Sr. 1957-1958
Walton Blodgett 1958-1959
Herbert W. Sachs 1959-1960
Lewis M. Pervier 1960-1961
Robert C. White 1961-1962
Kenneth T. Savela 1962-1963
John C. Van Blarcom 1963-1964
Kenneth R. Schramm 1964-1965
Rogers B. Adams 1965-1966
Julian Malkiel 1966-1967
Herbert J. Hillman, Jr. 1967-1968
Robert J. Neverton 1968-1969
Robert M. Hartt 1969-1970
David J. Kirker 1970-1971
Peter M. Haslam 1971-1972
John V. Morrissey 1972-1973
C. Fred Sullivan 1973-1974
Emmett L. Morton 1974-1975
Thorp L. Freeman 1975-1976
Willam T. Bull 1976-1977
David J. Salembier 1977-1978
Peter J. Beck 1978-1979
David B. Stackpole 1979-1980
Lewis Bell 1980-1981
Dale R. Neil 1981-1982
William H. George 1982-1983
Ralph T. Heath 1983-1984
Leland G. Darrow, Jr. 1984-1985
Alan Thorndike 1985-1986
John W. Merrill 1986-1987
Charles D. Burnham, Jr. 1987-1988
Howard K. Carroll 1988-1989
Harold B. Stevens 1989-1990
RandallJ. Schievella 1990-1991
Joseph P. King 1991-1992
Edward E. Pearson 1992-1993
Charles T. Berry 1993-1994
Paul H. Hansel 1994-1995
Gerry Griffin 1995-1996
Glenn Mink 1996-1997
John W. (Jack) Sykas 1997-1998
Richard Marron 1998-1999
Dewitt W. Platt 1999-2000
Theodore Teffner 2000-2001
Sandy Devine 2001-2002
Cliff Johnson 2002-2003
Peter Anderson 2003-2004
Mary J. Jacques 2004-2005
Peter Wright 2005-2006
Rick Oden 2006-2007
Bruce Nelson 2007-2008
David Pound 2008-2009
Brice Simon 2009-2010
Art Lloyd 2010-2011
Michael Diender 2011-2012
Terry Smith 2012-2013
George Lewis 2013-2014
Iain Davies 2014-2015
Kevin Kelley 2015
Tom Hubbs 2015-2017
Jen Colin 2017-2018
Caren Merson 2018-2019
Phil Bongiorno 2019-2021
James Hodge 2021-2023

Paul Harris Fellows – Stowe Rotary Club

Earle G. Anderson
John C. Baas
George A. Barton
Anthony Ciaraldi
Howard K Carroll
Giles W. Dewey
Wayne M. Faunce
Scott Freeman
John C. Gibbons
Julian C. Harrison, III
Laurence P. Heath, Sr.
Charles D. Lord
Wendall M. Mansfield
Edward E. Pearson
Carroll Pike
Daniel H. Snyder
Grace S. Thompson
Harry W. Walker
Houghton Freeman
Merton Pike
Peter M. Haslam
John C. Van Blarcom
Rev. Douglas Brayton
Emmett L. Morton
Joseph P. King
Peter J. Beck
Richard C. Marron
Millie Marron
Sandy K. Devine
Theodore Teffner
Stowe Fire Department (Katrina Relief Crew)
Rick Oden
Leland J. Darrow, Jr.
Niels E. Olsen
Thorp Freeman
Clement Curtis
Clifford Johnson
Gerry Griffin
Arthur Lloyd
John M. Farmer
Stowe Adaptive Sports (Cynthia Needham)
Stowe Free Library Used Book Sale Organizers (Bonnie Knight, Margot Hall, Sally Nolan)
Tom Hubbs
Phil Bongiorno
Larry Heath and Carolyn Damp

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Rotary’s Four Way Test to Make Decisions


The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.


High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his/her occupation as an opportunity to serve society.


The application of the "Ideal of Service" by every Rotarian to their personal, professional, and community life.


The advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the "Ideal of Service."